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About Hospice
What is Hospice?

At Brio Home Health & Hospice, hospice is both a philosophy of care and a health care program. Hospice is the philosophy that people facing advanced terminal disease should have every opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest and to have dignity and comfort in every day of life. Hospice is also a healthcare program wherein patients in the advanced stages of terminal disease receive as much care as possible in the comfort of home, and this care focuses on symptom management, supporting the family, comfort, quality of life, and dignity.

When patients qualify for hospice services, Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges from Brio Home Health and Hospice. This includes all related service from nurses, supplies, equipment, and even certain medications.

The Brio Difference

Brio Home Health & Hospice truly embraces the hospice philosophy and places great, great importance on the time our clients spend in hospice care. Each patient's quality of life during this very important time takes precedence over other concerns. Our hospice doctor is very involved with each admission. Each home is robustly staffed with nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains (as indicated), and volunteers to ensure each patient's needs are addressed as fully as possible.
When to Consider Hospice

Hospice is a service for people with advanced terminal disease. However, families should begin gathering information on hospice as soon as a family member is diagnosed with a terminal disease such as heart failure, COPD, dementia, or a type of cancer for which there is no cure. By learning about hospice before hospice is actually needed, patients will be better prepared to elect hospice at the time that is right for them.

Under Medicare program criteria, hospice is an option when a doctor gives a prognosis of six months or less. A prognosis is only an educated guess based on a patient's current condition and the normal course of a disease. Every patient's experience with a disease will be his or her individual experience, and choices in care become personal decisions based on a number of personal factors. When people choose hospice, it is usually because the rigors of curative treatments are no longer worth the outcomes in the patient's estimation and / or because the doctor(s) have explained that the best course of action is to focus on symptom control.

Please see our FAQ section for more exploration of this and related topics.