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Home health qualifications in California.
Who Qualifies for
Home Health in California
Why Are There Qualifications?

Brio's home health services are an amazing benefit where Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges for nursing care, therapy, aide services, and even certain supplies for weeks to months. For this reason, it is only available to people who meet certain criteria.


The definition of homeboud is less restrictive than the term itself may lead you to believe. Medicare states that a patient is considered homebound when leaving the home requires a considerable and taxing effort, and subsequently, trips away from the home are infrequent and of short duration. People who require the assistance of others to leave the home and who do so infrequently are generally considred homebound. Our patients are often homebound only temporarily while they recuuperate from injury or illness.

Skilled Need

Skilled need means that the home health plan of care must require the particular skills of a nurse or therapists. This is meant to contrast a home health care plan from a personal care plan that is 100% about helping patients with activities of daily living such as making the bed, taking a shower, or getting dressed. However, as long as there is a skilled need, Brio Home Health & Hospice will also be able to send home health aides to help with those same activities of daily living.

The skilled need criterion also suggests that the reason for the plan of care must be a recent occurrence and that the plan of care should call for visits that are intermittent and of limited duration. For instance, a long-term need for a nurse to monitor a ventilator for a ventilator-dependent child would not be the type of care plan covered under the home health benefit. But a recent occurrence as simple as the doctor prescribing new medications or a doctor suggesting a specific diet can be a sufficient recent occurrence to have a Brio Home Health nurse visit a few times and provide follow-up, personalized instruction the new health protocols.
Physician Supervision

Brio Home Health & Hospice will work with your doctor(s) directly to coordinate plans of care. So you and your family can focus on your health, we handle all the qualification paperwork and doctor's orders.

Because Brio Home Health provides skilled medial care from nurses and therapists, a doctor must sign the home health plan of care. The doctor must be an MD, DO, or DPM. In addition, a patient must have seen this doctor with 90 days before or 30 days after the home health start of care, and the doctor's visit must have been in some way relevant to the purpose of the home health plan of care.